Collaboration Performance

Group 1 - Disjointed

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Group 2 - I Need You

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Group 3 - Swim Home

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Group 4 - No Nightmares

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Group 5 - Throwaway

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Group 6 - Tonight

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Group 7 - Wildfire

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Group 8 - Head.Cars.Bending

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Group 9 - Soft Spot

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Group 10 - Winter

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All dancers  will be randomly selected to work together in groups to collaborate a 60 second routine 

Music is premade by Neovate and will chosen for each group

Groups are preassigned and rehearsed during rehearsal hours

Each dancer must produce a minimum of two 8 counts to choreograph and stage on their group

Free of charge!

Groups will perform during the Collaboration Performance following the Self-Choreographed Solo Competition

Faculty will select 3 standout groups who will be awarded with a prize

Song Length

60 Seconds


Per Dancer

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